Tap Cats is a Collectable Card Game starring, you guessed, cats! In the game, players build decks and play in PVE and PVP modes. Suitable for casual and hardcore players
The PVP screen is the most used screen for players in mid to late-game state, so we wanted to improve the structure of information as well as make it more visually appealing.
First steps and wireframes
The initial step was analyzing the current screen and its issues: we wanted to focus on the players’ next battle, its rewards, and the player’s league position. It was important to keep the navigation flow because of time constraints.
Simple wireframes were created to find the best way to structure the main areas. My initial thought was to focus on the battle aspect and display a confrontation, like a fight competition where competitors face each other.

PVP screen - Low fidelity wireframes

Visual Design
In the UI process, my initial iterations were based on the aspect mentioned above, the competition side, but after a few discussions, we shift the focus of the screen to the reward side. Even though the fighting aspect is visually appealing, I was moving farther from what players really want when playing PVP in this game, which is receiving rewards. It ended up being the right decision after receiving the player’s positive feedback from the player base.

Original Version

First Iteration

Second Iteration

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